7 Tips to Avoid
Locksmith Fraud and Scams

It is always a good idea to find a reliable, local locksmith in Frankston or surrounds before you actually need one in an emergency. There are many reasons attached to it, but out of all, the major one is - locksmith scams tend to target home and car owners when they are at their most vulnerable state i.e. emergency and needing some immediate assistance.

Many of you may think that you are doing the right thing by searching online for a local locksmith in Langwarrin or Frankston. But, what you may not realise is that the locksmith scammers are already gaming those online directories by imitating valid local locksmiths.

Not every locksmith owns a shop; in fact, they may not even be trained as locksmiths at all. Hence, to avoid hiring a scammer or unskilled personnel
to solve your locked-out problem, take a significant amount of time in researching about the particular locksmith. Also, do not ignore these tips
before you hire one:

1. Look for an
Actual 'Local' Locksmith The best way to know whether a locksmith is trustworthy or not is to have a detailed research on them beforehand! Call them, clear all your doubts by asking questions and also check their reviews.

If the locksmith companies answer your call by identifying themselvesas a local locksmith and not giving a particular name, avoid them. If a locksmith cannot provide the legal name of their business, it is best as well as safe to find another one straightaway.

If you find one with a local address, counter-check it online and see whether any other businesses use the same address. Ask the company when you call to confirm its location.

2. Check Your Locksmith's ID and License

As soon as your locksmith arrives, the first and the moremost thing to do is to ask for an identification, including a locksmith
license, if applicable.

A genuine locksmith in Frankston or Langwarrin should also ask you for identification to verify that they are unlocking a home or car that belongs to you.

Take precautionary measures if the locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle.

3. Ask Upfront About Any Extra Locksmith Charges

A lot of scams involve promising you with a low price for the job done, but only to suddenly shoot up the other charges after the services are rendered. In such scenarios, you are left with no other option but to pay. So, do not face this situation, instead, it is best to call and ask beforehand to clear out the doubts of having any hidden charges.

4. Do Not Believe the Strange Claims

If the locksmith tells you that shattering your window or otherwise breaking a door to get the lock undone is the least expensive option to consider, do not believe them. These scam tricks will surely land you in great trouble. So stay wary about such uncanny ideas of these locksmiths in Frankston or Langwarrin.

5. Watch Out for Fluctuating Bids

Generally, you tend to get the rough estimate from your locksmith on the phone itself. But still, if the locksmith's on-site price doesn't match your phone estimate, don't allow the work to be performed. They play tricks over here by demanding payment after doing an unsatisfactory job or by inflating the bill without any prior notice. Not only this, some locksmiths even threaten to call the cops or file a lawsuit if you don't comply. But do not panic, stay calm and unaffected by these threats and stick on to your estimated expenses.

6. Do Not Let the Locksmith Drill Your Lock

If you are locked out, be cautious of the locksmiths who recommend or insist on drilling or replacing the lock. Drilling is generally needed only when you have high-security locks. So, if you have a normal lock, stay alert and do not entertain such demands of the locksmith in Frankston or Langwarrin.

7. Ask these Questions to a Locksmith before Hiring

·        Where are you located?

·        What is the registered name of the business?

·        Can you tell me the exact process of your work?

·        Do you have a valid license?

·        How will you open the lock?

·        Do you need the picture of the lock?

·        Can you give me an estimate? What factors will cause this price to change?

·        What's the name of the locksmith who will be coming?

Don't Fall for a Scam from a Locksmith

Take care of these essential tips to safeguard your home, your car and ultimately yourself from such scams. If you think to stay connected to a reliable locksmith company for any future emergencies and to avoid these scams or frauds, look no further than Response Locksmiths. With the emergency services, the team of locksmith in Brighton or Caulfield North is sure to deliver you with the job that will surpass your expectations.